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A young college student whose hobbies include writing, yelling angrily at frustrating video games, and watching anime. She enjoys long walks on the beach, dressing up in cosplay, and looking for the nearest source of free food. Hopes to one day publish a novel and work as an editor.
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What if when he entered the twilight he turned into a tiny floofy kitty instead


What if when he entered the twilight he turned into a tiny floofy kitty instead

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this gif looks like reiner’s doing some sort of magic trick behind him


How eren really got his titan powers

abracadabra doo
the titan here is you

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Uh oh

wouldn’t that be awkward

Can I get some credible sources?

Here’s one

and another

and one more for the road

i love when we discover older bibles and start to realize that mankind has a tendency to change things/translate things wrong 

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this is the scariest and strongest man in ikebukuro everyone

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A character can still be a great character without being a good person.

In fact, some of the best characters are terrible people.

Because a character’s worth should be based on how complex and interesting they are, not their morality if they were real.


These are of the bonus page.I don’t know if someone else did transparent this before but…here ya’ go!.

(The inside is also transparent too…)

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Mogeko has just replied and I officially have permission to make Wadanohara plushies! Although the translation got a lil scrambled, it basically said I have permission to make anything within the “criteria” of plushies! I’m already working on a Wada doll for myself but I am officially taking commissions for other characters as well! I’ll open a new page on my blog so I can list out my schedule for these dolls so you can have a tentative idea of how many plushies are before you and about how long it should take before finished!

i have a lot of my homestuck plushies buried waaaaay back in my #send help tag but i’ll try to find them and put them into my #kai makes things tag along with progress shots of my wada doll! At this time I am pricing the cloth dolls at $40, including shipping, they are posable and stand roughly 2 feet tall. I can also make smaller, fleece plushies about 6 inches tall at $20, also including shipping. Feel free to keep an eye out on my tag if you’d like to wait for more progress shots before purchasing AND my ask box is always open if anyone has any questions!

I also plan to do some digging and see about making dolls for other pixel horror games so for those not interested in wadanohara, please stay tuned!

Thank you and I hope I can make all ur wada plush dreams come tru and make mogeko proud by doing their work justice <3

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea characters

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3. on the cheek samewada! :"0



I hope you’re happy anon
after I got this ask i went and played the entire game just so i could understand this pairing and it broke my heart and soul…

(i had a hard time deciding what outfit to put Wada in because they’re all so cute!)

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